Dec 1, 2011

REVIEW | Too Loud A Solitude by Bohumil Hrabal

Too Loud A Solitude By Bohulmil Hrabal

"Too Loud a Solitude" is a book by Bohumil Hrabal. The book was self published in 1976 and then later published in 1990. It is story about a man who works compacting old and new book that may have never been read and his efforts to saves the books from their death sentience with the hydraulic press. I found this to be really sad but beautiful story.

The beautiful part is how Hanta, the main character talks about how one day when he retires he is going to take and buy the press and continue to compress books, because he finds great joy in his work which includes reading the books he presses.  The way he talks about his retirement plan sounds like he is making is own bodies of work from piles of compressed books. All his favorite books, memories and quotes are all forever saved in these piles. 

The book is also very sad because the one thing he loves is taking the time to read and studied all these books. However this is taken away and ruined when he goes to visit another place that compacts these books. He see’s his job being done by a great number of different men all wearing the same uniform and not taking the time like he did to read these books. They don’t even care, they just do there job and don’t think twice about the books they are destroying. So when he is done touring there facility he goes back to his and his boss who has hired two men to help speed up Hanta’s work. When this happens he stops reading and doing what he loves and end up making himself one with his own work and in some ways making the ultimate piece of personal artwork.

The Book over all is a Great Read I defiantly recommend it to anyone that is considering it. Also this has been made into a movie that is acted out by puppets. I have not seen the movie, but i hear it to is worth watching.

-Jarrad Taylor


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