Dec 2, 2011


Diego Mireles, Medicine Dude

The above piece is just one of many in the show Monster Show Six at Domy Books on East Cesar Chavez in Austin,TX.  Domy Books sits quietly in East Austin and is not only a small bookstore but also doubles as a gallery.  Upon entering Domy you are greeted by an employee sitting at the front desk who is more than willing to answer any questions you may have.  Domy carries a handful of local zines, editioned books, and a good variety of contemporary art magazines.  So why the name Monster Show Six?  For the past six years Domy has had an annual Monster Show that shows a group of artist both local and international.  Monster Show Six featured the work of 152 artists.

The bookstore is split into two sections.  On the left side you have a plethora of books to chose from as well as a table full of zines.   There is thin wall that divides the store straight down the middle which, has the Monster Show Six announcement hanging from it and to the right is the gallery space.  The gallery consists of a concrete floor that is stained with hints of color, three white walls, and a single vertical line of fluorescent lights on the ceiling (unlike your usual track lighting in galleries).  The space is small but comfortable and the music selection of jazz and instrumental music playing in the store fits well with the work.

The above piece by Diego Mireles an artist that is as mythical as his work in which information about the artist is hard to come by.  I was able to find an article on Mireles at Bleach Online that covers an intriguing interview with the artist.  The following photo is another piece of Mireles's work but is not in the show.  I just wanted to include another image of his work because of the curiosity sparked in me by seeing the above piece at Domy Books.

Diego Mireles

Jamie Panzer, Wurst Nose Ever
 Another artist that caught my eye was collage artist Jamie Panzer.  The pieces in the gallery are shown on three walls in somewhat of a cluster with most of them consisting of drawing and paintings.  Panzer's piece Wurst Nose Ever jumped off the walls and spewed ketchup on me (okay, not really but you understand what I mean).  I love the somewhat 3-dimensional illusion collage gives to a otherwise 2-dimensional image.  Panzer did a great job in choosing his images and constructing quite a perplexing concept.

Jeremy Burks, Goddamned Gorgon

Another 2-dimensional piece with 3-dimensional form is artist Jeremy Burks.  Burks actually has more than one piece from the above series showing at Domy.  I love the use of his limited color palette and strange subject matter combined with the idea of painting on a log.

Overall, the Monster Show Six at Domy features a large group of interesting artist themed around well you guessed it.... MONSTERS!  The small space and vibe of the store makes for a great must see show.  The show opened October 28th and will be up until December 8th and I strongly recommend stopping by for an inspiring monster filled event.

-Angela Zamora


  1. NICE....Its good to know Domy has actual art shows/presentations. I have driven past Domy hundreds of times, and still not set foot in there yet. Diego Mireles is a good friend of mine, and I am happy to see his work out in public and being discussed on the internet. I have always been a fan of his use of paint, found wood, and his way of combining psychedelia, the human form, and the dreamlike state his works purvey.

    -Patrick Murray

  2. i loved this entry. I haven't gotten to go see this show yet. But after reading this it makes me want to hurry up and make it down there before the 8th.

    -Jarrad Taylor

  3. One of my favorite things about Domy is how they showcase new local artists. There is a location in Houston that also does an annual monster show featuring local Houston artists. I found it interesting in your discussion of the gallery the set up in Houston is almost exactly the same. My favorite artist you mentioned was Jeremy Burks and the piece you included prompted me to check out his website. Clicking through his works I now have another great inspiration for my own work!

    -Marian Mabry

  4. Domy always seems to have something interesting on display and this show is no exception. I had a chance to see this show and the works that you chose to display were some of my personal favorites. There is something really moving about monsters that mimic the human form. Exterior monsters mock the human interior monsters.
    -Taylor Williams

  5. I have heart about Domy from art forums website and now after reading your passage I want to make a special trip just to check it out myself. Thank you for sharing this interesting read and inspiring me to check out local art.
    -Anna Julian

  6. I love the Medusa painting on the piece of wood. Burks manages to make her sexy which makes her all the more deadly (in the mythology sense anyways). This blog makes me want to go and find this little book store/gallery, what a great concept!

  7. Thank you for bringing this gallery to our attention. These are the type of lowbrow/nobrow type of galleries I feel most home at. I will definitely be checking this space out, hopefully walking out with an armload of books and some good Austin contacts.
    -Mark Diehl

  8. Wow! i really liked this post! I actually did my final paper on the artist Brom who also does nothing but paint and draw monsters and i love it all! I love that you found a "gallery"/bookstore. That is just really cool and seems really relaxing to be able to look at really neat media and also have to choice to pick up a book and read! Thank you for finding this place!

    -Abigail Cannon