Dec 2, 2011

REVIEW | Come Forward - Emerging Art in Texas

Into the Woods (detail), oil and acrylic on found backdrop, 9ftx18ft, 2006
Looking at Emerging Art is looking who is making new art.  This book is the catalog for a group of emerging artists that were chosen to have their works displayed in the Dallas Museum of Art in 2003.  I thought it would be interesting to see what these artists were producing now.  I picked the book at random from the library and found a few surprises inside.

The exhibition catalog from 2003, Come Forward, Emerging Art in Texas gives a look at the artwork of 11 artists.  Reading through the book, the selection of artworks seem to be a fairly mixed grouping of paintings, drawings and sculpture/installation pieces.  I didn't find most of the works to be very interesting, although I did recognize the works from a couple of the artists, having seen their artworks in other exhibitions.

I was surprised  to discover that one of my own instructors was included in this book: Joey Fauerso.
I really hadn't looked at her work, but had heard a few other students talk about her paintings and her animations. 
The Woods (detail), oil and acrylic on found wallpaper, 20”x155”, 2006

In the Catalog, several portrait paintings by Joey Fauerso show her subjects with their fingers insterted into nose and mouth.  Well executed, but strange!  In looking at her current work, the same excellent execution has been applied to figures painted into wallpaper landscapes and theater backdrops and the painted figures that make up her animations.

I know the work of Robert Pruitt from an exhibition at the Austin Museum of Art in 2002 as part of the 22 to Watch: New Art in Austin.  The work of Robert Pruitt deals with images of Black Identity. 
Two Sisters (no date)
 In the exhibiton catalog, his artwork is combinations of found objects that have been altered to give them new meaning outside of the usual context, where as his current work includes figurative drawings and paintings.

If I were to judge from the catalog, I am not sure how much I would have enjoyed this exhibition.
The artworks are not that compelling and I probably wouldn't have spent much time in the gallery.
Reading this online review of the exhibit, I guess I'm not alone in this thought. 

I'm not sure that I could exactly recommend that everyone rush out and look at this book.  I do know that I recommend that it can be informative to see where an artist started and to see where their work has progressed to over a course of time.  As art students, we need to see that our art will change and see that the work of other artists may become something completely different after a couple of years.  I think that is why it is important to study in different media even if you know what you want to do. 

Looking at the work of emerging new artists is something that I try to do on a regular basis.  Of course I get to see quite a bit of new artwork here in our own gallery here at the school and by looking into the studios and visiting with friends to see what they are up to and how their work progresses.

- Michael Whisenhunt


  1. Glancing through I'd have to say I agree with your opinion that the works weren't overly compelling. Although, I would have liked to see a little bit more emphasis on the artists in the catalog that were not as commonly known. For instance I thought Brad Tucker's work was interesting and would have enjoyed a little blurb on him. I did however appreciate the two artists that you included and the fact that you discussed the progression of an artist.

    -Marian Mabry

  2. I definitely agree with your review, the art is not wow-ing but it is art nonetheless. The beauty of it is the diversity and artist's take. I don't think that I would rush out for this catalog either, but the exhibit would interest me. The two artists were paralleled interestingly and I appreciate your compassionate honesty.

    -Amelia Navarro

  3. I also agree with this review. Based on the works you chose to show on this post, I didn't feel "wow-ed." However, checking out some of their current works, I found Pruitt's sculptures and Fauerso's installations far more interesting.

    - Sarah Martinez

  4. I would have liked to have seen more works and at that, more interesting works featured. I was not too into this blog but it well done none the less. You did a good job!

    - Erin Davis

  5. Thanx for posting this. I have taken Joey Fauerso before but have never seen her work. She is a great teacher and a great artist. I also liked seeing the mix of oil and acrylic in her work. I've always thought about trying this technique; now i might give it a shot.
    -Sam Williams

  6. I also agree the art isn't the most interesting art I've ever seen but it is always interesting learning about new artists and different types of work. I know picking a book to review can be challenging but also stimulates the mind to learn about art we normally wouldn't have ever seen.
    -Anna Julian