Nov 17, 2011

Review | Perspectives | Hill Design and Gallery | Georgetown, Texas


Aft Pryor, Moser Bay Walkway, photograph on metallic paper, 2011

Hill Design and Gallery is a contemporary fine art gallery located in Georgetown, Texas.  Showing mostly local artist of Georgetown, they sometimes show artist from other areas. The show Perspectives does just that. The above picture is one of Alf Pryor’s photos that is in the show.  The native Alaskan and fisherman uses Photoshop to create these amazing images!  Pryor’s photographs are influenced from his job as a fisherman.  Pryor says,

 “I got my first camera at age 5, an old polaroid, and have been taking pictures ever since… I’ve had to figure out the hard way, by taking a lot of photographs and making a lot of mistakes.”
When I walked in I was greeted by the greeter, who was really nice and helpful. She was knowledgeable about all of the artist and their work. The gallery is more like a house than a building, which I liked a lot. In the first room when I walked in I saw several paintings that caught my eye right off the bat, so I knew it was going to be a good show and a good experience and I was right. As I walked into the main room to the left there were two wide columns in the middle of the room with paintings on all four sides of them. On the bigger sides there were bigger paintings and on the smaller sides there were smaller paintings. On the outer walls there were also paintings hung on the wall. In another small room there were the works of Alf Pryor. I like how they set the whole gallery up. There was enough work on the walls where it did not feel overwhelming or empty.

The name of the show “Perspectives” fits all of the work in the show. Each work in the show has something to do with perspectives of all kinds of everyday things in life. Some of the work is flowers, some is structures in Austin, Texas, like the 360 bridge shown below painted by Baron Wilson. Wilson takes an interesting perspective in his painting 360 bridge detail. The 360 bridge is so well known by now, that artists do not have to put the whole structure in their work. As soon as viewers look at this painting they automatically know what it is and I think he captured and showed and interesting perspective of the bridge.

Baron Wilson, 360 Bridge Detail, Acrylic on canvas, date unknown

Another work from the Perspective show is Ho Baron’s sculpture, Ballerina (shown below).
“Ho Baron is a visionary sculpture who’s bronze works are surreal, ornate and cosmic… his sculptures are fluid and sophisticated, visually intriguing and tactile,” says the unknown writer of the Hill Design and Gallery. 
This sculpture is just that. It is captivating and hard to take your eyes off of it. There are so many interesting details that make this beautiful work of art come together as a whole.

Ho Baron, Ballerina, Bronze, date unknown

Overall this was a really great show and I would encourage anyone who is in the Georgetown area to swing by Hill Design and Gallery to check out this show, it ends November 30th.

-Hannah Klaus


  1. ContributorNov 20, 2011 09:19 PM
    This seems to be an interesting exhibition, with a broad array of work and subjects. The title 'Perspectives', I think, delimits the gallery's ability to select almost any work to be included in the exhibition. The watermark in the opening image sheds light on the problem with watermarks in general: they are very distracting. In the case of this image, it takes up a good portion of the image.
    -Blake Knox
  2. ContributorNov 28, 2011 11:44 AM
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  3. ContributorNov 28, 2011 11:45 AM
    It was an interesting exhibition. I do agree with you the title was very broad. Much of the work was based off of being outside, except for the sculpture. Overall it was a good exhibition and a very cool building.

    -Hannah Klaus