Nov 11, 2011

REVIEW | Monster Show Six | Domy Books | Austin, Texas

Lisa Hanwalt, Bat monster, 2011

Domy Books is a book store/gallery space on E. Cesar Chavez in Austin, TX (also with a location in Houston that also held a Monster Show Six opening on the same night) . Domy specializes in editioned books, magazines, and products in national and international contemporary art culture. On October 29th, 2011 Domy held its 6th Annual Monster Show. The show runs till December 8th. The namesake for this show is not only for its timing of the Halloween season, but it is also a massive group show that is themed around monsters.

Monster Show Six, opening night

Domy being a smaller sized bookstore and gallery space, the place was cramped on opening night, so i had to return on another day in order to get a better look at much of the art. Monster Show Six had 152 artists participating with notables such as hometown hero/Volcom artist Michael Sieben, Ex Big Boys turned folk band member and artist Tim Kerr, and Los Angeles based artist Mel Kadel, and so many more its hard to name them all. When you walk into Domy the left side is the art books and zines while the right side is the gallery space. For this show it seemed they covered every part of their gallery wall space while still giving each piece breathing room and holding them more or less around eye level. I can imagine a show of this many pieces is difficult to curate and hang in its own right in such a small area.

Michael Sieben, Coffin Creeper, 2011

Although a majority of the work for Monster Show Six are mostly drawings or paintings there were also 2 video, collages, photos and sculptures for the show. Domy has Monster Show annually at both Domy locations with all artists participating in each city but submitting different pieces. The only difference between the Houston Domy Monster Show and the Austin Domy Monster Show besides different pieces is that there are more Houston artists in the show in Houston and vice versa. The national and international artists stay the same.
Graham Franciose, She Raised It As Her Own, 2011
Domy as a gallery space has a vibe all its own. Since it is also an amazing book store it does not have the vibe of a white wall cube gallery space. The gallery side is not lit with expensive track lighting to highlight each piece, however their ceiling line of fluorescent lights do the trick for what they are doing. They still keep it clean, professional and easy to maneuver around the space (unless it is an opening night). Whoever may be sitting at the front desk is more than willing to answer any questions you have about the current, past, or upcoming shows and once you are done looking through whatever rotating exhibition they may have (which is said to rotate roughly every 6 weeks), you can have the joy of further exploring all the other art that is within Domy in the form of posters, vinyl toys, limited edition books, and local and national zines.

Ruth Van Beek, Untitled, 2011

One of the main reasons I love stopping  in to check out what exhibition Domy has to offer is that most of the shows are selling the pieces, and Monster Show Six was no exception. Although currently some of the pieces are sold, there are still many that are available as a way for someone to start up their art collection or just to help up and coming artists. For more photos from Monster Show Six and Monster shows of the past please visit Domy Books flickr. I would highly recommend anyone that is in the area stop into Domy Books and support them as much as possible, they are a amazing book store and are on the East Austin Studio Tour this weekend and next.

-Brock Caron


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