Nov 24, 2011

REVIEW | International Artist Series | Bismarck Studios | San Antonio, TX

Bismarck Studios, San Antonio, TX

On the north side of San Antonio, quietly tucked away in the busy Stone Oak area, Bismarck Studios Contemporary Art Gallery offers a serene and relaxing atmosphere in a bustling city.  The cold, clean lines of the concrete walls and floor were nicely juxtaposed to the large windows with a view of the natural green foliage just outside the building.  Upon entering, I was immediately greeted by the owner, Christa Brothers, who openly invited me to look around at the currently featured the works of international artists Rolando Rojas, Amador Montes, and Daniela Sacramento.

Rolando Rojas, Sin título (Untitled).

With the most colorful palette of the three artists, Rolando Rojas of Tehuantepec, Oaxaca, Mexico, uses bold and vivid color in all of his paintings displayed in the gallery.  Created especially for this exhibit, his work is inspired by the stories, myths, and legends from his home that are passed down from generation to generation.  Rojas painting are full of animals, music, ancient symbols, and supernatural creatures.  Rojas has a Bachelor of architecture and restoration by the Benito Juarez University in Oaxaca.

Amador Montes, Iluminados.

Amador Montes is a native of Oaxaca, Mexico, with a degree in graphic design.  Birds, crabs, text, stenciled designs, and muted colors with splashes of teal are common theme in his paintings.  Montes contrasts the gritty textures, colors, and animal figures which create a feeling of a newly discovered artifact with a modern twist, such as brilliant colors and themes, like the illumination of a light bulb.

Daniela Sacramento, El Clavadista.
 Daniela Sacramento grew up in Tamaulipas, Mexico.  She is the youngest of the three artists, with an intriguing style of abstraction.  Her use of line and color temperature creates an energy and excitement that contrasts with figure-like black shadows.  Hidden at first glance, hints of color are seen upon a closer look. The gallery website explains that Sacramento’s series:

…portray[s] both Daniela’s current and personal experiences.  More specifically, they reflect moments in time and encountered sentiments of personal growth and introspection.  A dark essence is portrayed repeatedly throughout her work representing a persona and/or experiences that have impacted her life in one way or another.

Bismarck Studios, San Antonio, TX

Overall, I was impressed by all aspects of my visit.  Christa Brothers was passionate about both the art and the artists in her gallery and took the time to speak with me and answer all of my questions.  Even with the diversity in style and appearance of the three artists’ work, the paintings were placed harmoniously with each work moving fluently to the next.  The gallery features new works starting on the second Thursday of each month.  I am looking forward to attending the next opening which will exhibit the work of Tim McMeans on December 8th.

Bismarck Studios | Contemporary Art Gallery is located at 930 Proton Rd. Suite 202, San Antonio, TX.

-Theresa Newton


  1. This is a very interesting,I will most likely go to this gallery. About how big is this space? Is it more than one room? When coming in to the gallery is it easy to find, and is it easily identified as a gallery space?

    -Jessica Guerrra

  2. Hey Jessica, I'm not so great with judging sizes of rooms, but I would say it is comparable to the gallery at Texas State. It is set up as one large room in an L-shape. There is an office and a separate room I went in with art on the walls and a large table, but I don’t think it is technically part of the gallery space. It was easy to find, just a few turns off of the highway and about 10 miles from I-35.
    Take I-35 S toward San Antonio, exit 172 to Loop 1604 W, exit Stone Oak Parkway, right on Gamma Rd/Hardy Oak Blvd, left on Proton Rd. Bismarck Studios will be in the area of buildings on your left.

    -Theresa Newton