Nov 16, 2011

REVIEW| Walkers Gallery, at San Macros Activity Center| San Marcos TX

Unknown artist
The Walkers Gallery in the San  Marcos Activity center is not know by many our age. The gallery is widely seen by senor citizens who walk the walkers gallery for their daily exercise. It is located at 501 E.Hopkins street, San Marcos TX. The gallery size stretches down two halls, one stretch has art lining both walls that face each other. The other is just one wall that faces glass.
Opened in 1997, the Activity Center Has become a cornerstone in the San Marcos community... Adorning the walls of the Activity Centers spacious halls are artworks from artist throughout the central Texas region and beyond.
As stated on the Walkers Gallery website.
Walkers Gallery, San Marcos Texas
As for information on the exhibition itself it was frustrating that there was not much on the exhibit as a whole or on the individual artists. After calling the curator several times and asking the staff at the Activity Center, little could be found out about the name of the exhibit or the name/names of the artists. I would call the exhibit as a whole a cross of mediums and not pieced together in any orderly fashion. The pieces didn’t seem to flow in any particular order. The pieces as individuals are beautiful, but if one where trying to contact the artist or even know whom the art was by one could not know because nothing was labeled.  It was hodge-podgely put up at eye level is a spastic manner. Each piece has several mediums that range anywhere from yarn to paint.  Or photography and quilting, each seemed to have a collage effect to the piece. The theme of the exhibit was clear though, as every piece had some sort of collage effect to it in some way or another.  Whether it was a collage of different mediums, such as paint and beads, or just a collage of different photographs placed as one piece the exhibit gave an overall feeling of scrapbooking. The way a scrapbook feels is how the exhibition as a whole feels and how each piece feels.  

Artist Unknown
As you can see from this photograph the lighting used in the gallery is not taken into consideration. This art work was beautiful up close but it was cast in a unintended green light which was very off putting. The piece seemed to be comprised of some form of scrap booking paper and  tissue paper and was framed beautifully, but the light being cast on it made it seem very cartoony if you where to take a step back. The spacing between artworks was amazing down one hall, the hall with the to walls facing each other with art lining both walls. The spacing was taken very seriously down the one hall with very even spacing between each piece. But down the other hall it was very chaotic.

-Jessica Guerra


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