Nov 14, 2011

Review | DaPhid Exhibition, Store Front Space

DaPhid, Store Front Space, San Antonio, 2011

 It was the first cold night of the fall season, walking down a dark street only lit through the shadows of the trees leaning over me as if they were leading me down this path and my pot of gold was awaiting me. Approaching the end of the tunnel I soon realize that it’s not gold that is to be found but an experience that exploits my senses. An environment that would inspire any young artist to create; music, food, and art. First Friday is such a place, a place where the moonlight and street light bring everyone to the same level. There is no artist or viewer, everyone is a comrade in search of their next fix of art and creativity. 

As I walk down the sidewalk I soon become lured into what seems to be an abandoned storefront only to be inhabited by bold portraits of pop and cult culture icons with neon halos. With a sign on the door saying, “Come In, daPhid art,” how could I resist. Upon entering to see the work of the artist DaPhid, I was surrounded by a strange mix of rock techno music being spun out by a DJ, which some might see as distracting but I feel that it was more of a soundtrack to the art rather than ambiance. The music worked to zone the viewer into the work, because of the volume and the beat I had no choice but to succumb to the images and study the simplistic details. DaPhid has managed to take a black and white portrait from traditional to contemporary. 

Dj, Daphid Exhibition, San Antonio, 2011
Even the venue that host this exhibition demonstrates the movement that the contemporary art world is making. Although museums will always be a staple in the art community, the right now is all about the urban art scene. Like SOFA gallery, Artpace and SodaTooth, the art community is becoming about the accessibility to gallery space for every day people to congregate and put together an art show. Everything about DaPhid’s show including his work does this. His subjects are movie stars, musicians, revolutionaries, fictional characters, he is bringing these people together who in reality would for either for rather impossible or social circle reasons would never be in the same room. 
DaPhid Exhibition, Store Front Space, San Antonio, 2011

And because this is a non exclusive and free event all sorts of people have come from all the social class, as evidence by the line to the bathroom at Tito’s Meat Market. 

-Joyce Garcia Gallegos


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