Nov 15, 2011

Reciprocal: Susie Rosmarin | Gallery 1 | San Marcos, TX

Canal Street Mini Skirt Study, Susie Rosmarin, 24x30, 2011

When I first walked in the first thing I saw were the canvas's of Susie Rosmarin which she had eight different canvas's of different geometrical images. All eight different canvas's have all colors from black, white, blue, red, orange, yellow, green, and more. They all have strips going vertical or horizontal directions creating shapes of squares.  I would have liked  to see all the canvas's to be the size of 66x66 inches like the painting of Spectrum #10, 2009.  The reason why is because the smaller canvas don't stand out as much as the others which are bigger in size.  The main theme of Gallery 1 in San Marcos, TX is Reciprocal which is a inverse a number or quantity that when multiplied by a given number or quantity gives a product of one. Susie Rosmarin uses "complicated mathematical formula which is based on each layer of the color pattern arrangement being taped, painted, waited on to dry and repeated", said by (June Mattingly, Texas Contemporary Art). When I saw the artist lecture of Susie Rosmarin she explain to the viewers if she had not been doing Art for her career her second choice would have been a degree in Math. That explains why all her painting have a geometric pattern to them.

As I walked around to get a better look from a distance I noticed Canal Street Mini Skirt Study painting from the far it looked as it had white and black vertical strips as I got closer to the image I realized that the real colors that Rosmarin used were yellow, white, and blue. My eyes combined those three colors into two colors as you walk backwards or as you stand a far distances from it. Your eyes tend to see what it sees not what it should seeing. I stood about 3 feet away from the painting and I started to see the lines move outward from the right and from the left I started to see the lines inward. As the lines moved I also noticed that as the white strips got together with yellow strips they became one and the blue strips stood out more in a thicker line. 

Gray #3, Susie Rosmarin, 36x36, 2011

The second image is Gray #3 it reminded me of the the television going black and white when there's no connection of an image projecting through. As you step backwards all the colors of the painting as you see are black, white, and gray but as soon as you step backwards they  become gray. Your eyes see that the image is making a zig zag pattern going from left to right and going up and down.  As you become closer you can tell that there is seven vertical grey lines making one thick line from the distances. It also reminded me of the movie The Ring when the one of the victims starts to watch the video.

All the canvas's don't seem that they are painted but if you get close enough you might see some brushstrokes. The feeling of the texture of the canvas's feels like tape on top of more tape. If you are really close the tape is overlapping one another.

-Stephany Garcia


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