Nov 14, 2011

EXHIBITION | Hana Hillerova & Susie Rosmarin: Reciprocal

Hana Hillerova, Untitled (Angel Crystals), 2008

When I first started school at Texas State University, I really did not find it possible for the university to hold interesting exhibitions in their gallery. Going in to the exhibitions I just expected to find average work, unthoughtfully placed on the walls. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see many different interesting works by students, and works by known artists spread out through out the space. I would assume most of the viewers for their gallery are art students, if not all of them, but I wish more people viewed the gallery’s exhibitions. There really is a lot to offer and see. I really enjoyed the gallery's current exhibition; Hana Hillerova & Susie Rosmarin: Reciprocal.

I thought, for this particular exhibition in their gallery the space was nice. The gallery did not place a great amount of each artist’s artworks, therefore if the gallery space was any larger it would just feel too open. I would not have wanted to walk in seeing a great amount of space between what was hung on the walls and what was placed on the floor. I will explain Hana Hillerova’s sculptures later in the post, but her sculptures are created using mirrors, so I really enjoyed the space placed between each sculpture in order to walk around the shadows created by each piece. Susie Rosmarin’s paintings were very spaced out, which was necessary because her artworks are completely optically driven, and you have to be able to view each painting on its’ own at different distances. With that being said, I really enjoyed the size of the gallery, the amount of artworks shown, and the thoughtful placement of Hillerova’s sculptures and Rosmarin’s paintings! 

I was happy to see both Hana Hillerova and Susie Rosmarin’s artworks shown together. Both artist’s work is all about an optical nature and exploring the way the eye and minds views things. I felt, with both, that I could stand in front of them and stare forever. I got very, almost pulled in to my own world with each piece and could look at each one differently the more I stared. With Rosmarin’s paintings I had to step closer and then further, I had to get right up to each painting and was taken back by every square and layer of paint. And with Hillerova’s I wanted to look through the sculptures and I enjoyed all the colors of light that bounced off of the mirrors that created it.

I went looking at Hana Hillerova’s website, which you can find here, and these were definitely one of my favorites out of her works. I did see these mirror sculptures on her website (on the home page) and they were placed outside. I know being in Texas State’s gallery it was not possible, but I think I would have enjoyed them more, or at least in a completely different aspect, seeing them in person outdoor, so many colors bounced off of the sculpture and really interacted with its’ surrounding. Susie Rosmarin’s website, which you can find here, shows some of her selected paintings, and some of which were in the exhibition. However viewing them on her website does not do them justice, they really have to be seen in person.

I would definitely suggest seeing this exhibition at Texas State University. Hana Hillerova & Susie Rosmarin: Reciprocal is only showing until November 20th, but it is definitely worth seeing. You can find more information about Texas State’s gallery, here. You should absolutely go see it!

Susie Rosmarin, Spectrum #10, acrylic on canvas, 66in x 66in, 2008
Brittany Drake


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