Sep 13, 2011

Real Life

      Wolfgang Staehle, 2001, 2001 video projection, 24x9ft

Wolfgang Staehle is an artist emphasizes a visual eye for real life, in order to see an unfolding real time events.  He places three cameras in different locations for about twenty four hours.  Staehle shows a sense of connection, sensation, and dynamic.  He introduces a new way of landscape and  photography by using film to show images of real life.  Most photographers take one image of life, landscape, and items.  You see every moment developing in front of you, so your able to see each and every detail that you can not see with one image by taking it once. 

This was one of the most shocking events that accrued in 2001, he didn't realize what he was filming was going to be the most horrible day in America.  This image will always be remembered and known by Wofgang Staehle, this image made him be noticed for his work.  Now we can look at images a different way and not just as another picture taken. As catching memories more than once, he discovered a way to take images from start to finish.  The image was exhibit in the gallery of NYC where everyone got to see in 2002. Wolfgang is making history by capturing historical events also by we all well be able to use the same technique to make history of our own.
Wolfgang Staehle, Empire 27/7, 1964

As the same with the image above, its a camera filming from dusk to dawn. You can feel the mood and change within each picture. The usage of color of light that the sun and moon reflect on the empire building.  The middle building you have a sense of mystery feeling since its covered in fog.  The fog and darkness gives you the feeling that you get from a scary movie.  For Wolfgang to capture just a great picture and giving us different perspectives of the building. 

Theses two images taken by Wolfgang have a great impact in our way to see technology a different way.  Photos like theses impress me by seeing the technique he uses to capture each and every moment. To have memories by seeing them slowly unfolding between our eyes.  The fact he changed were going to look at photos different is amazing for him to show us there's more then just a pretty face.  We are able to see landscaping with different eyes and have different reactions to the photographs.

-Stephany Garica

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