Sep 12, 2011

PROFILE | Paul Kenton | A Surfing Man

Paul Kenton is an artist and surfer rolled into one which makes his works of art a laid back playful delight.  As a young boy Kenton moved to the small town of North Devon which shaped him as an artist forever. He grew up riding the wild waves of the shore line which lead him to travel all over.  Kenton began painting at an early age and has been passion about that and surfing ever sense. Once you look at Kenton's work you will be able to see the surfer mentality  and how it has influenced his painting style.

Paul Kenton "NY Night Life" 2010

In Kenton's work "NY Night Life" you can see that he is not a paint who paints what he sees. He does more than that, Kenton paints with his scenes. He is trying to to express the movement of the city, the reflections of the lights. Any one can paint what they see but not many can paint what they feel and have it come across to others in that way, but Kenton does. 

  Paul Kenton "NYC" 2006

Kenton describes his paintings as "short film clips not photographic stills." This painting of "NYC" best shows what Kenton is talking about. When I look into this painting I see the rain coming down and the people trying to get to where there going. The muggy sky and the glowing lights encompasses all that is a rainy day to me.  Kenton wants to capture an atmosphere and I definitely think he's accomplished that here.

Kenton is a free spirit due to his surfer mentality. He would rather you feel his paintings rather than see what he saw.  He uses free shapes and his lines to create movement and with his color you can see the lights and moods that surrounded him as he painted.  Paul Kenton is an artist and surfer rolled into one which makes every stroke a ride into his paintings.

Cecilia DeLaTorre

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