Sep 27, 2011


Georgia and Sabine #12
Toned silver gelatin prints, Approx 6''x9'' 

Natalie Young separates herself from regular black and white photography in her ability to capture meaning in everyday domestic life.  In her collection of Georgia and Sabine, featuring her two miniature dasuchuns, she photographs the regular and ordinary. It is in these moments that we are most intimate because she shoes us directly the little things that are often over looked throughout the day. Natalie Young strives to show us all of these minute moments that compose our daily lives. 
Others have commented on her work as being separate from other mainstream black and white photos of pets because she is able to convey emotion but is still able to withhold from being over sentimental or silly (silly). 
Reviewing her portfolio work using dogs as subjects, we were struck not only by the craftsmanship and mood of the work but how she successfully used abstracts of a scene to convey interesting and sometimes emotional content - BWGallerist   

Cellar Door
Toned Silver gelatin prints approx 6''x9''

The immense mood that she is able to achieve with her black and white photos of her pets in a domestic environment is also conveyed in her other project The Farm.  Shot on a family farm in Kansas over the past decade Natalie Young takes little moments of the family’s life and tries to convey the many years they have spent at their home.  From broken glass windows to a cracked wall, to a picture of a picture taken when the owners of the farm were very young, she is able to show their many years there.  In order to make her photos look even more aged and to separate the viewer from those stuck in time in the picture she places the photos on standard silver gelatin prints ratherin darker tones.  The finishing touch is to tea stain the picture in order to put an aged distance from the subject and its viewer.
Weeping Silo
Toned silver gelatin prints 9''x9''
Continuing on her theme of juxtaposition of new and old, Natalie Young also enjoys the combination of nature and the industrial.  Many of her shots are comprised of nature either growing around or through something man made.  One of her shots, Field of Dreams is a photo of a field with several windmills on it.  While windmills are a thing of the future and used to generate electricity and water, they are also more obsolete now than they were when they were first used.  In this photo there is a mirroring effect of the industrial and nature both in a empty field, seemingly forgotten.  It can be argued that   The artists’ accomplishments in grasping emotion in the little shots and details in the overlooked  is a great landscape for her to show the warring between nature and man that is seemingly never ending.  

In addition to her fine photography which is supported by Kevin Logino photography, she is an assignment photographer supported by Wonderful Machine based in Los Angeles.  Even in these portraits emotion and profusion of feeling still seep through.  Her fine photography work is in the collection of Museum of Fine Arts Houston and has been in several international shows.  Her work has appeared in Lenswork, SHOTS, and  Black & White Photography.  Her websites displays all of her work and shows how to contact her or where you can book of her Georgia and Sabine project.

Veronica Villanueva

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