Sep 12, 2011

PROFILE | Mia Pearlman | Cloudbursting

Mia Pearlman, Havoc, Paper, India ink, paperclips tacks, 2011

Mia Pearlman is a site-specific cut-paper artist from Brooklyn, New York who has been exhibiting her work in galleries since the mid 1990s. PUSHING PAPER, the series she did for the A.D. Gallery at the University of North Carolina Pembroke, is her most recent series of cut-paper installations that are based on the weather patterns at the time of her residency in Pembroke and of the political climate as well. Spontaneity, imagination, and intuition along with rolls of white paper are her key ingredients to making these very large and breathtaking installations.

The fact that Pearlman is a site-specific artist makes for a very free flowing, organic install in every gallery she exhibits in, no showing is the same. She states that:
My process is completely intuitive, and in fact I do everything in my power NOT to visualize the specifics before I make a new installation, though I usually do a site visit or study photos. I want my work to be a spontaneous reaction to the space in the moment.
 In a way her art is not only transforming the gallery space that it is in, it is also forming and growing out of that space to the point where it is one in the same.
Mia Pearlman, INRUSH, Paper, India ink, paperclips, tacks, 2009

Pearlman's INRUSH that she did for the Museum of Art and Design, shown above, was inspired by the window cutout in the wall which flooded the room with natural light. By the time she was finished with her vision she had blurred the line between interior and exterior space.

Her process in making the larger than life installations starts simply with a free form drawing of loose lines in India ink, which you can see in the image above. Pearlman then cuts out the negative space in between the lines she draws to make a new drawing all together. It is only when she is in the gallery or selected display area that she puts anywhere from thirty to eighty pieces of cut-paper together for the final installation piece.

Pearlman is now moving from cut-paper to blown glass. She plans on exhibiting a monumental sculpture out of blown glass that cascades from the wall through the floor. Nature again playing her muse, Pearlman is constantly trying to blur the line between illusionistic, actual, and imagined space.

As an artist Pearlman has been very lucky to have worked with the people that she has namely those at MAD. In the year 2008 Pearlman received the amazing Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant, she also received the New York Foundation for the Arts Grant this year for an artist grant in sculpture. She has also been featured in several books, most recently Lance Hewison's "Cloudbursting: Mia Pearlman" Refraction Art, which came out in January of 2011.

Mia Pearlman's next largest installation is going to be at the Renwick Gallery at the Smithsonian American Art Museum called 40 Under 40: Craft Futures in 2012.

-Kelly Eaton

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